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Florida Hurricane News – Hurricane Alex Threatens Florida As It Kicks Off 2010 Hurricane Season

Florida Hurricane Damage

It looks like forecaster’s predictions and fears of a tumultuous 2010 hurricane season are definitely warranted. The 2010 hurricane season kicked off with its first storm early and caused the first wave of evacuations and hurricane property damage.

2010’s first major storm, hurricane Alex hit Mexico’s gulf coast in June forcing the need for evacuations in both the US and Mexico. Thankfully hurricane Alex made landfall on a relatively unpopulated area of coastline, but narrowly missing Brownsville, Texas by about 100 miles according to the US National Hurricane Center. The hurricane flirted with Florida’s west coast.

While far from the devastation of a major hurricane of previous years, Alex still disrupted lives and caused hurricane damage to homes effecting many and is clearly a warning that there is likely much worse to come this year. The initial effects of hurricane Alex began by creating large waves that were made even more serious by the oil spill in the gulf resulting in crude oil being pushed up onto beaches and threatening businesses. 110 mph winds and heavy rain battered the coastline and nearby villages resulting in over 30 neighborhoods being flooded just across the border from Texas, leaving rescue services using boats to search and save those stranded.

Florida residents may have escaped the brunt of this first hurricane of 2010 but should use this opportunity and warning to begin preparing for the numerous other tropical storms and hurricanes expected to hit this season. Even though this storm hit Mexico, Alabama, Louisiana and Florida all saw 6 foot waves hitting their shores bringing in tar balls and oil, further dampening fishing and tourism. Hurricane Colin the third storm of the season is the first Atlantic hurricane of the season that is expected could well have a much more tragic impact Florida.

Even though Alex was just a category 2 hurricane and hit an area with a small population, 5,000 residents were evacuated. Many of these people and families were unprepared and escaped just with the clothes on their backs. Certainly a situation no one wants to be in, especially with the uncertainly as to the safety of the rest of their belongings, homes and jobs. Keep in mind the wide sweeping effects that hurricanes can have and that can cause flooding, storms and tornadoes hundreds of miles away from the center of a hurricane. Texas experienced this with more than 1,000 residents without power and two tornadoes being spun off by Alex.

Remember when a hurricane is actually in the ‘box’, it is too late to upgrade your home owner’s insurance and the mad scramble for extra supplies, cash and evacuations can mean a lack of the things you need and the inability to protect yourself, your family and your property effectively. The time to prepare if you have not already done it is now. This means stocking up on water and food, checking your insurance policy, having the right tools and equipment to protect your home on hand and cleaning up the exterior of your property and landscaping to prevent damage. Just as importantly, make sure you have the number of an experienced attorney who specializes in helping with hurricane damage claims with you so and know the best procedures for getting the payout you deserve in case of property damage.

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