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The Real Impact Of A Florida Hurricane

Florida Hurricane Damage

The Impact Of A Florida Hurricane

Florida Hurricane Claims Attorneys and Lawyers

The real impact of Florida hurricanes extends much further than just property damage. Those who have put off paying home owner’s insurance premiums or preparing for hurricanes are at risk of losing and suffering much more than just a few loose shingles or broken windows.

Even if anticipated storms are not expected to be that powerful they can easily increase in strength taking authorities and Florida residents off guard. What was expected to be a category 1 storm that would not cause too much damage could easily land as a category 3 capable of ripping off roofs and flattening homes. The same goes for the anticipated trajectory of hurricanes. While hurricanes may not be the fastest moving dangers, a storm expected to hit Fort Lauderdale could easily turn and hit Miami, Boca Raton or West Palm Beach. Hurricanes are not something to be taken lightly and should always be watched with caution.

Florida hurricanes could easily completely destroy homes leaving you and your family homeless meaning the need for proper insurance and representation to help you get what you deserve even more crucial. Even losing a roof and having your insurance company offer you half of what it is going to cost to fix could lead to your home becoming completely unlivable if you do not have the cash to fix it yourself. This is when consulting with a hurricane claims attorney to see what can be done and make sure you are treated fairly comes in.

Beyond this, you also have to consider the impact a Florida hurricane can have on your income. If your place of work is destroyed in a hurricane or your employer suffers significant loses from too many days of lost revenues you could also find yourself out of work. Certainly many others will be in the same situation and finding work could be extremely difficult, meaning that without ensuring you get the most you possibly can from your insurance company you could be left struggling with no home and no job.

Major hurricane damage to your home but to other homes and businesses in the area can also cause the local economy to dive into a depression, resulting in higher costs for everyday goods and services as well as meaning a declining demand for the products or services your company provides which can have further negative consequences. This can quickly send any county into a fast downward spiral that on top of a poor economy can be difficult to recover from.

Clearly the bottom line is that coming into any hurricane season you not only need to be prepared with extra water and food but also need to have extra cash reserves in the bank and need to make sure your home owner’s insurance is paid up and fully covers everything that could be damaged. Of course having insurance is just half the battle. Actually receiving compensation for your claim and getting the money you are owed can be a frustrating and time consuming process right at the time when you really need help and someone on your side. So as part of your preparation, make sure you have already found an attorney that you can count on to work on your behalf.

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