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Florida’s Worst Hurricanes

Florida Hurricane Damage

Florida’s Most Devastating Hurricanes

Florida Hurricane Insurance Claim Lawyers

Florida has suffered many hurricanes over the years and seemingly with more frequency. Below is a list of some of the worst storms to have hit the region. For any who underestimate the power and danger hurricanes hold and the likelihood they could damage your property take note and get prepared. Don’t let your home become another statistic. Protect your Florida property and know what to do if you do suffer damage.

Key West 1919

The most powerful hurricane in Key West history struck on September 10th 1919. The only hurricane to form in the Atlantic Ocean that year, yet one that was responsible for killing over 800 people.

Miami 1926

According to the US Weather Bureau this 1926 Miami storm was ‘probably the most destructive hurricane ever to strike the United States’ Hitting Dania, Hallandale, Hollywood, Miami and Fort Lauderdale this storm caused more property damage than ever witnessed before and killed between 325 and 800.

Okeechobee 1928

Roaring ashore, September 16th, 1928 in Palm Beach after killing 1,000 in Puerto Rico this storm surprised those further inland that were unprepared. 125 mph winds along with pouring rain  created  a devastating situation. Lake Okeechobee flooded, dikes broke, and water poured out and covered farmland and homes killing almost 2,000. To date this is Florida’s most deadly hurricane.

The Florida Keys 1935

This monster Labor Day hurricane caught people unaware and hit with incredible force stripping off clothes. A furious category 5 hurricane, it killed 408 people.

Hurricane Donna 1960

Deadly Donna surprised Floridians by taking an unsuspected path, hitting the Florida Keys and making land fall in Ft. Myers, September 10th, 1960.

Hurricane Cleo 1964

1964’s  Hurricane Cleo smashed Key Biscayne, and continued its path of destruction up the coast causing major damage in Miami, West Hollywood, Opa Locka and Fort Lauderdale.

Hurricane Betsy 1965

Just a year after the devastating Hurricane Cleo, Betsy clobbered Florida by surprise as it was expected to hit the Carolinas. The immense storm changed directions on September 4th smashed through the Bahamas then brutalized South Florida.

Hurricane Andrew 1992

One of the most notorious hurricanes, Hurricane Andrew was the first major hurricane to hit South Florida in 27 years causing $25 billion in property damage, killing twenty three. The most costly natural disaster until that time, wrecking more homes than Hurricanes Agnes, Betsy and Hugo combined.

Hurricane Frances 2004

Engulfing the entire state of Florida from Key West to Tallahassee (435 miles), slow moving super-sized Hurricane Frances punished Floridians with wind and rain and will not be forgotten any time soon.

Hurricane Jeanne 2004

Florida’s 4th hurricane within 6 weeks, Hurricane Jeanne pummeled bewildered Floridians, crumbling weakened properties and using left over debris from previous storms as projectiles killing six and leaving millions without power for weeks.

Hurricane Wilma 2005

October 24th, 2005 Hurricane Wilma battered South Florida with amazing strength terrorizing the whole region and taking many by surprise who had expected a weaker storm leaving a huge path of damage and many without power.

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